People often approach sex toys with an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset. They figure their hand, gifted by evolution, gets the job done, and see no reason to invest in a sex toy. While understandable (given the stigma and our lack of pleasure-based sex education), this notion is misguided. Sex toys aren’t meant to replace an experience, but enhance it.

Due to its stigma and the dated concepts of masculinity, this mindset is particularly prevalent regarding strokers which, provided you give them the chance, can take your solo or partnered exploits to explosive new heights.

What is a Stroker?

Often used interchangeably, strokers are also known as “sleeves”, “pocket pussies” and “male masturbators“.

Strokers are sleeve-like toys that people with penises use to masturbate and/or enhance partnered play by stimulating the shaft, glans and sometimes even the testicles. Strokers come in all different shapes, sizes and materials. Some are soft, some are hard. Some cover the penis, others are open-ended. Some vibrate, suck, or thump, and some feel like a real vagina, bum, or mouth.

In this wonderful world of strokers, there are many options to choose from and experience. It’s Sophie’s Choice for the genitals.

How Do Strokers Work?

Strokers, while an expansive category, are generally used in a similar way. First, lube the sex toy and the penis (use a water-based lubricant since silicone lubes can harm silicone sex toys after extensive use), then slowly insert your penis and stroke with the sex toy.

If your stroker boasts added functionalities, such as vibration, simply press the designated button and play with the settings. Information on how to use strokers with various functionalities are often included with the sex toy but are usually quite intuitive.