WET Fun Flavors Passion Punch Warming Lubricant


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It’s time to heat up the bedroom with this deliciously flavored lube. Available in Tropical ExplosionSexy StrawberryJuicy Watermelon, Popp’n Cherry and Passion Punch

Wet Fun Flavors 4-in-1: stain-free, sugar-free, flavored, warming, massage lotion and lubricant all-in-one!

Gently heats on contact and warms with motion.. Blow on it and it gets warmer. Lick it for a truly tasty sensation. Wet Fun Flavors are silky smooth, long-lasting, water-soluble, harmless if ingested and latex friendly. Now kosher!

Wet Fun Flavors are deliciously flavored and scented. They give more of a warming sensation than most warming formulas on the market. They may be used as a lubricant or as a warming massage lotion. Feels delicious! The level of sensation will depend on the amount of moisture in your skin. You can add to the warming sensation by spreading a thin layer of Fun Flavors on the skin and breathing on it. The moisture in your breath will intensify the warming sensation.

Though naturally sweet, Wet Fun Flavors contain no sugar and they are clear and contain no dyes. They will not stain sheets and can be rinsed away with water.

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